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American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG)


It is the goal of the BCI Burke Company to design all composite play structures in conformance with the proposed American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). Burke designers are knowledgeable about ADAAG, and their expertise allows Snider & Associates to provide play systems to be designed with activities that encourage and enable children of all abilities to share in the innovative fun that is provided by Burke playground equipment.  Burke’s experienced playground designers work directly with the Snider & Associates sales representatives and customers to ensure that we are providing components that not only comply with the current guidelines, but can also assist you in the development of a fully integrated, universally inclusive playground.


Burke’s accessible playgrounds provide the exciting and innovative levels of play that are so important to the physical, social, and intellectual development of the children who play on the equipment.  To that end, we incorporate components that range from the more elementary Paddle Ball Panel to promote eye-hand coordination to ground level Fun Phones that are such an integral part of socialization to the more sophisticated upper body developing components such as Curved Ring Swings and Loop Horizontal Ladders that will accommodate children who have lower extremity disabilities, but who are able to take advantage of the upper body challenges. The strategic use of transfer points, ground level activities and wheel chair accessible ramps, where applicable, help assure that all play structures meet and exceed the objectives detailed in the proposed ADAAG guidelines.


Design your dream playground accessible to all children

Play On! is a standards-based physical fitness program

Play On! is a standards-based physical fitness program that was created in
partnership with the American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation
(AAPAR). Play On! promotes physical fitness through the use of playground
equipment and fun creative learning activities.

This program fully aligns with the national physical education standards promoted by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and can help promote moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity to combat childhood obesity. It is successfully being implemented in schools and parks and recreation programs across the nation during physical
education, recess, after-school programs, camps, and as ‘mini-energizers’ to help
meet required number of minutes of playground physical activity.

Offering many developmental benefits, playgrounds are the perfect place to keep kids moving, socializing, and learning. This one-of-a-kind program adds value to your investment by providing unique activities and playground designs based around six key elements of play to increase overall fitness!

Local Residents LOVE their new FREE Outdoor Fitness Equipment!

Local Residents LOVE their new Outdoor Fitness Equipment!
Located on a small patch of ground nestled in-between tennis courts, athletic fields and aplayground that only sees heavy usage on the weekends, the Garden Grove Rec Department sees constant daily usage of their new outdoor fitness equipment; by residents of all ages and fitness levels.
“It gives the community Free Fitness” says Lee Schneider, President of GreenfieldsOutdoor
Fitness. “People constantly comment as to the economic benefit of not having to pay to join the local health club or having to pay dues at the local Rec Center, as well as the fun and
convenience of getting a low-stress workout out in the fresh air” said Schneider. “Residents
intimidated or typically not pre-disposed to visiting an indoor gym find an opportunity to feel
better about themselves in addressing basic cardio, flexibility and toning exercises; all at their
own pace”.
Maintenance professionals appreciate the durability of the equipment, designed to withstand
the rigors of daily use, as well as withstanding the weather. As the largest supplier of outdoor
equipment in the world, Greenfields has literally thousands of systems in use worldwide, in
areas as cold as Alaska and as arid as the desert southwest.
Products previously only found inside community rec centers, such as elliptical?s, leg-presses,
upper-body machines, rowing machines and recumbant bikes now dot the landscape across
the country; being used in park settings, nature trails, schools, home owners associations and
corporate facilities to name a few. “During this era of limited budgets, because our equipment
gets used each and every day that the weather allows, and because of the small initial amount
of money required, outdoor fitness equipment has become an increasingly popular option to
otherwise larger and more expensive equipment projects”.
“Offering residents free outdoor community fitness, helping them feel better about themselves
in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and genuinely doing something that addresses the ongoing
challenge of community obesity; Greenfields is proud to be the largest and most tenured
supplier of outdoor fitness equipment in the world, and equally proud to have the midwest?s
finest, Snider & Associates, as our exclusive fitness representatives”.
Visit Snider & Associates online at Snider & Associates for more
information on providing YOUR community Free Outdoor Fitness!


Aquatic Fitness

Check out this video on the newest line in Aquatic Fitness! Video

Our aquatic fitness equipment provides a zero impact workout that will not strain weight bearing joints. Hydrostatic pressure improves blood circulation and helps decrease water retention. Investment in Aquatic Fitness Equipment from Snider & Associates will enable aquatic facilities to maximise use of existing pool space, broaden the client base, retain customers and increase profits. Become part of the quickest growing trend in Aquatics today!

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