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Bleacher Inspections – Indoor and Outdoor bleachers

Bleacher Inspections – Indoor and Outdoor bleachers
Snider & Associates, Inc. performs Indoor and Outdoor Bleacher inspections and maintenance! We also perform bleacher repairs as requested.

Indoor Bleacher Maintenance Inspection Summary of Work that can be performed

  • Clean upper decking, framework, and floor area below bleachers.
  • Check all hardware and fasteners to assure tightness and identify missing.
  • Align framework.
  • Check operating condition of row locks and/or locking mechanisms.
  • Lubrication of all contact moving parts.
  • Check condition of floor pads.
  • Check condition of wheels, rollers, and outriggers.
  • On electrical units, check wear of power track or friction roller, and condition of wiring and relays.

Perform inspection of bleachers.

  • Review safety of bleacher system. Condition of flooring, seats, risers, guardrails, aisle handrails and antislip.
  • Check operation of open and closing of bleacher sections.
  • Identify bleacher size, number of rows, number of sections, and measurement of seat, floor, and riser boards.
  • Compile a list of conditions that may require parts and repair.
  • Generate an Excel inspection report that will be mailed or emailed to customer.

With our years of experience, let us create the report you need to address your bleacherproblems.

Please call Snider & Associates, Inc. if you need a Bleachers inspection – indoor bleachers or outdoor bleachers. We can also provide both the indoor bleachers and outdoor bleachers NEW and install them for you.

Jamey Snider appointed to International Playground Contractor’s Association (NPCAI)

Snider & Associates, Inc. would like to congratulate Jamey Snider & Associates, Inc., on his appointment to this respected commercial playground equipment and installation organization. The International Playground Contractor’s Association (NPCAI) was formed to contribute to the advancement of the commercial playground building industry by promoting playground installation as a legitimate contracting profession. This is one more commitment from Snider & Associates to ensure customers get a quality playground installation from a qualified playground contractor.

As a principal playground design consultant at Snider & Associates, Inc., Jamey Snider has been very influential in thousands of playground projects. “We are very fortunate to have Jamey Snider represent us on an international level. Snider & Associates, Inc. has long been a regional leader(Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan) in the playground industry it only seemed fitting we reach out to help others in the playground construction market.“ said Chuck Snider after hearing the news. Jeff Snider added that “He will be an invaluable asset because of his life long experience installing and designing playgrounds.” Jamey is looking forward to interacting and exchanging ideas with his fellow members about the playgrounds and children in a professional and “playful” way!

Snider and Associates ( has been providing top quality park, athletic and commercial playground equipment to the school, early education, parks and recreation industry since the 80’s. We represent a number of excellent playground equipmentmanufacturers and are committed to providing only the finest, safest products at the most competitive prices. Not only are our playground products of the highest quality, we also address environmental issues by aggressively marketing our recycled products and processes. The playground equipment manufacturers we represent are dedicated to the same issues and several of them have selected Snider and Associates as their exclusive representative.

Located in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, our sales representatives ensure total customer satisfaction by offering ongoing and comprehensive follow-up. This policy ensures that the products purchased from Snider and Associates Inc. meet your standards and expectations.

Our line of recreational products includes but is not limited to:
– Outdoor playground equipment;
– Water park equipment;
– Aluminum bleachers;
– Floating boat docks and boat lifts;
– Stationary boat docks;
– Site furnishings;
– Bicycle racks;
– Trash receptacles;
– Park benches;
– Picnic tables;
– Outdoor playground safety surface;
– Shelters – park pavilions, gazebos and other park shelter structures;
– Volleyball equipment for schools and parks;
– Basketball equipment for schools and parks.

Discover our PASSION for playgrounds by contacting us at 1-800-888-2889 or email us.

Big turnout celebrates Highlight Heights playground opening

By Sun News staff
October 05, 2009, 11:32AM
By Andrew Attina, Correspondent
HIGHLAND HEIGHTS- Children from Millridge Elementary School and Millridge Center for Hearing Impaired had fun Sept. 16 trying new playground equipment.
The event featured a ribbon-cutting by Mayfield Schools Superintendent Phillip Price and Highland Heights Mayor Scott Coleman.
A group of 10 Millridge parents spent the previous Saturdayinstalling the equipment after the school received a grant from a non-profit organization known as Kaboom.
Tracey Ricchiuto, a mother from the school, submitted a proposal for the grant. With the approval, Kaboom required the funds be matched by the school.
“A Mile-4-Millridge,” a fundraising walk in May, raised $9,200, which provided the school with its half.
“The equipment that was here was old and rusty,” Ricchiuto said. “With good equipmentto play on, the kids have fun and go back to the classroom more focused.”
The other stipulation was family from the school handle the installation as part of a “community build.”
So, after some preparation earlier in the week, the parents, along with both principals, Lou Kindervater and Mary Myers, got to work.
“It starts out slow with digging and drilling,” said foreman Mike Seredich of Snider and Associates, the Kaboom approved contractor that was required to be on site. “After that, the actual installation of the equipment goes quick.”
After nearly eight hours the installation was complete. A variety of new equipment was in place, including Tether and Funnel Ball games, and a Bing Boing. The F-2 Spinner would prove to be the new favorite as children lined up awaiting their turn on the night of its opening.
“The effort here is what makes the schools and this community great,” said Dan Greve, a parent who helped with the installation. “It’s about giving back and this shows pride and ownership.”

Rules & Recommendations for Basketball Equipment

Safety Arrester – As stated in Rule 1, Section 11, Paragraph 2 of the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Rules and Interpretations, “It is recommended that a locking device/safety arrester be used for ceiling and wall-mount backboard systems that are retracted by motor-pulley cable arrangements.”

What are the benefits? – The auto-loc safety system puts safety belts on your backstops protecting against loss or damage of equipment and injury to spectators. A simple and effective way to insure safety in your facility.

Rim Restrainers – “The basket must be securely attached to the backboard support system with a rim-restraining device. Such device will ensure that the basket stays attached, even in the event that the glass backboard breaks.” Men’s and Women’s College and High School Rules.

Check for these problems and needs:


  • Breakaway or reflex rims
  • Posted or published rules prohibiting hanging on rims

Backboards – Bottome Edge and Corners

  • Padded backboards: satisfactory or replacements necessary

Backboards – Ceiling Suspension

  • Cable stress
  • Metal stress
  • Ceiling attachments check for loose or broken bolts
  • Motor running smoothly
  • Auto-loc safety straps present
  • Condition of all hinges
  • Pipe caps at the bottom of ceiling suspended backstops should be padded

Wall Suspended Units

  • Auto-loc safety straps present
  • Turnbuckles tight
  • Bracing rigid
  • Wall backs secured
  • Wall padding on all impact areas
  • Chain operated winches should be replaced with cable winches
  • All hardware tight

Call you local Snider & Associates representive for any questions.